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October 26

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​Sede Uniandinos
Bogota, Colombia

​Expertos comparten sus experiencias y estrategias, suministrando una forma de aprovechar efectivamente las oportunidades que ofrece el mercado Estadounidense. Encuéntrate mano a mano con cada uno de ellos, resuelve tus inquietudes y comienza un proyecto estructurado de negocios. Leer mas...

​Precio de participación US$40 ($100,000 CP)
*Precio miembros Uniandinos US$20 ($50,000 CP)
*Sujeto a verificacion de membresia.

The 1st Annual Women's Leadership
Speaker Series Luncheon

​Join the USRCC in c conversation with influential women who have achieved success and are making an impact on the U.S.-Russia trade and investment. A panel discussion will provide a unique perspective with real examples of challenges, success stories and opportunities. This series will explore the global private sector's economic influence of businesswomen in the USA, Russia and CIS countries.

​Non-Member $60 | Member $30

Ecopetrol is looking for talent!

​For more information click HERE
or send your resume to: claudia@colombiatexaschamber.com

Check out our new service: "Chamber Classes"

​ChamberClasses is a learning portal containing the best courses for Business owners and their employees. The portal provides targeted training and certifications which are designed to be inexpensive but highly beneficial in improving employee productivity.
CLICK HERE to view our courses
Pacific Alliance Business Network (PABNet): a platform  dedicated to promote business opportunities between the  Pacific Alliance countries and the U.S.  Learn more
PABNet Participating Entities

Colombian Governmental Tenders 

​Complementary service for CTCC members

CTCC is proud to offer its members a complementary service to access the most current governmental tenders for the oil & gas, infrastructure and technology industry.  No other chamber of commerce offers this service in the US. Members can check the chamber´s website and use a password to access  the most updated information regarding governmental bids in Colombia.

Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement between USA and Colombia. Please note that American companies get national treatment in most of the governmental bidding in Colombia and foreign companies without local presence do not need to be registered before any Colombian entity.
If you are interested in a current or future bidding that is not included in the website, please contact our staff at the Chamber of Commerce or Pinilla Plazas & Associates, our sponsoring member, to check on the government tender of your interest. 

CTCC members please click HERE to access current governmental tenders in Colombia. Note: this is a password protected page  

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